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  1. B series engine builders

    no idea mate..
  2. Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section and secondly I did run a quick search but as this is quite specific to this particular seller I wanted to raise a post to gauge everyone's opinion. I found the below linked Takata Harnesses on eBay as I've been looking for a set for a while now. http://www.ebay.co.u...#ht_2440wt_1185 I saw that the price looked pretty much right and the ad looked fairly professional. I made the guy an offer of £175 for each harness (£350 for two) which was accepted fairly quickly. Before paying through PayPal I took another look at the ad (I can see that he's sold 37 before but cannot see any feedback that has been left for them). The guy isn't located in the UK from what I can fathom (Latvia based on some of the feedback that's been left). I sent the guy a PM about 20 minutes ago asking him whether he can confirm they are 100% genuine Takata Harnesses or not, but he's yet to reply. What do you all think? Dan
  3. Whos going to JapFest? 12/5/12

    Ill be there.....
  4. Pictures look good. Nice one.
  5. 2 Seconds to help an Integra.

    Apparently posting anywhere is a crime if you have sub 250 posts. If you set a 250 post requirement to use various forum features, then why wouldn't people be posting on every reasonable occasion they get? I understand the reason for setting the requirement but are you serious? It's because of comments like that that people like me and the OP hover around forums like these and don't comment for fear of being accused of posting just to raise post count. Not very sensitive or welcoming imo.
  6. 2 Seconds to help an Integra.

    All done
  7. Thanks guys, does anyone know the name of this part? like the section on the car? sounds like im gunna give it a go with the drill and re-tapping idea first and if I dont succeed, I will get the grinder out!
  8. As the title states really..... I'm currently in the process of a 5 stud chub conversion. I have started and almost finished removing the rear trailing arm assembly. I have stumbled across a bit of an issue.... the small arm at the front the trailing arm that connects to a kind of 'box section' that I assume is part of the cars chassis, will not come off. I have sheared off the head of the bolt that attaches the small arm to this box section. Im really stuck on what to do about this. Can I buy a replacement 'box section'?? I'm not sure of its true name and have spent alot of time trying to identify it via exploded diagrams on the Honda parts website. OR has some one got a genius solution to removing this 'whats left of a bolt' from the box section. Its clearly seized in there as its been soaked in wd40, plus-gas you name it, its had it! and as ive mentioned there now is no head of the bolt to grip! Its almost flush with nothing to grip onto. I will shortly upload a Image to help describe my situation! Any help would be much appreciated. Dan.
  9. oil for b 18

    how about millers CFS 10w 60? would that be alright?
  10. GT5.. annoyed!

    They're two completely different games in my opinion. Forza is particularly arcadey; I'm not so much a fan of the fact that you can mod up your first or second car so quickly and use that throughout the majority of the game. Don't get me wrong, the game is good and it's definitely worth having a go. I was very impressed with how they managed to get very accurate sounds for all of the cars, particularly my beloved DC2 (something Gran Turismo has NEVER been able to do) but it just felt a bit too open for me. Comparatively, Gran Turismo is a simulator starting from the ground up. As with the rest of the franchise you start out with next to no money, you can do the licenses to introduce yourself to the game, and you can build your way up to bigger and better cars. Besides this, you actually have to use specific cars in some championships to be applicable (whereas in Forza it was mainly just about your class. Both good games, but both very different takes on motor sport in my opinion.
  11. I played it for ages on my Xbox then decided to get a copy and try it on my computer - either way it's an awesome game!