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  1. de-wiper trouble

    it takes some force to get that plastic off n when it comes off its sounds like somethings snapped but dw just the clips poppin out
  2. de-wiper trouble

    managed to get it off with lots of wd n a hell of alot of pullin cheers for all the help
  3. Any dont flop fans

    mark grist is sick though his lyrically ability is amazin n yer oshea is too funny
  4. Any dont flop fans

    one of my favourite battles
  5. de-wiper trouble

    cheers ill just try some more wd n mole grips later
  6. tried removing my rear wiper today undid the 10mm bolt n it wouldnt budge, tried wd-40 but that didnt help,any ideas?
  7. ek heaters

    yer it seems to be connected all fine n lol defo gunna treat that well gd stash
  8. ek heaters

    never any eks at scrap yard near me, are EG blower resistors cause there normally there
  9. ek heaters

    cheers mate think that could be it, ebay it is
  10. for some wierd reason my heaters only work on 3 and 4 any ideas?
  11. Exeter/Plymouth meet

    cheers bud
  12. Exeter/Plymouth meet

    Just wondering if theres many people in the exeter/plymouth who would be up for a meet somewhere inbetween
  13. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, just bought a 1.5i ls last week and am currently waiting to sell my corsa so i can get insured on it, will hopefully upload some pics later on in the week.
  14. HIP HOP

    few of my favs are Big L Gangstarr Rhyme asylum Immortal technique Mac miller Fliptrix