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  1. Hard decision which kit you think is better.

    i say ram horn
  2. midlands to mimms october 14th 2012

    there is a few civics around the cov area but you never see half of them
  3. i get in mine and hit vtec straight away nothing worng with that lol
  4. midlands to mimms october 14th 2012

    maybe up for this with qbsfinestkid
  5. JAE 2012 coverage

    Very nice was an awesome weekend
  6. Bmxing

    hurts when your riding flat out round the park to use the quarter as a burm to build speed for jump box and your front wheel washes out on a bottle top and your slide across the tarmac and get 3rd degree burns on ya arms not good
  7. jae 2012

    Some really awesome work there was worth the journey and couldn't ask for better weather
  8. Drop top EM1 LO fukin L

    It's definitely a one off but looks wrong...
  9. Newbie from Italy

    Welcome along. Did you buy any chance buy a purple tow eye off ebay recently?
  10. Job interview

    A lot of people have love and hate going on but deep down ther ok with there job. As porker said if you hated it that much you would change. I actually looked at a sirrocco but went for a mk5 gti instead a few years back. Sirocco was lovely and the cockpit felt fighter pilot ish but the misses didnt want it! Good luck
  11. Bmxing

    f Here's some pics of me from a little skate park sesh earlier this year.
  12. JAE + Sun + Beer = Good times

    All I need to do is get home and head off this evening but the M62 won't let me been crawling for an hour and half. Fucking hate this stretch of public ness
  13. Bmxing

    Could you just repeat that don't think anyone got it haha
  14. Bmxing

    Put some pics up aide!
  15. Carbon tailgates, talk to me

    That's alrigh. Yeh totally agree I had run out of options. Carbon dipping sounds interesting where can this be done?