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  1. Need help with B18C4 vacuum hoses

    ok so checked vac pipes and they are all fine, took off the IAC and the throttle body, cleaned it all and put back on and now all is running fine. Still have a 41 ECU error tho so need to try and figure out why as it is a new O2 sensor? Might have to check the wiring list for the ECU and see if one of the 4 wires on my O2 sensor is not correct.
  2. Need help with B18C4 vacuum hoses

    Thanks for the diagrams, i have no clue at the minute what is causing it, just weird how it comes and goes? Almost like the ecu adjusts and then throws a tantrum? I will have a good going through the pipes and sensors.
  3. Hi all, I fitted a B18C4 in my EK and everything works fine apart from a weird issue with idling. Most of the time it idles at aroung 900RPM and drives ok. Every now and then it idles at 700 and runs like poop especially under 2.5k? Then when i normaly switch the engine off it sorts itself out. However today it is running even worse and not fixing itself. I think it may be the idle control valve or one of the vacuum pipes? Can anyone tell me which vacuum ipe goes where on the B18C4 and I can check the pipes before cleaning the ICV.   Thanks
  4. civic ek electric window switch relocation

    yeah thats what I figured, so will be extending the wires through to the stereo area, then wiring into the new switches. Will have a go at the tomorrow.
  5. civic ek electric window switch relocation

    cheers Tye21 I will take the plugs apart tomorrow and see if i can get the switches working. Then I can start painting the inside of the car.
  6. Hi all, I need to relocate the electric windows switch temporarily to where my stereo used to be (Track Car) Does anyone know which wires i need to move onto the new switches? There are many coming from the drivers side window switch and I need to figure out which ones to move. I plan on replacing the windows with lexan later in the year, but need to move these switches for now so i can fit a sheet of aluminium on the doors to tidy them up.   Thanks all.
  7. EK3 engine upgrade Guru help required.

    where did you find your looms for £80?? I looked on flea bay and they are asking silly money. I'll keep an eye out for the loom, I have a prelude and a soarer to play with in the meantime.   I think the civic will be sat around for a short while till I get the loom and the weather warms up lol
  8. EK3 engine upgrade Guru help required.

    If i can get around paying out nearly £200 for a loom I think i will take that option, the donor car was running just fine using this loom so I just need a way of splicing the loom to get the few wires connected.
  9. EK3 engine upgrade Guru help required.

      is this the conversion harness??     P28 that works just fine......     Guess I just need the correct loom for inside the car? is there no way I can wire the fuel pump relay and rev counter into the ecu without having to splice the EK4 harness into the EK3 harness?
  10. EK3 engine upgrade Guru help required.

    My ek3 is pre facelift, however the engine and gearbox was fitted to a EJ9 and was running fine. I am a little worried that I forgot to strip something from the donor car?   I have been told tho that the B18C4 doesn't have a fuel regulator so potentially I could wire the fuel pump up to the ignition so it has a constant feed of fuel and all will be ok?   Still need to figure out the rev counter issue?
  11. Hi all,   I have been transferring a complete B18C4 engine and LSD box into my EK3 and seem to have hit a small snag.   The engine is installed and works fine except for the fact that the fuel pump wont activate without a constant feed from a battery lol   OK let me try to explain, I have a P28 ECU from the donor car.....     This works fine, however what we can gather is that the fuel pump relay isn't connecting properly to the ECU so therefor not telling it to prime the pump and feed the engine.     This is the lead that goes from my cars wiring loom to the ECU, my original connector has all the right wires but it seems that the engines loom is missing the required wires to connect it to the ECU?     I have an OBD1 ECU with a wire harness, notice only 2 plugs connected, this is also a worry as the engine ran in the donor car and this is the same harness?       Now if I supply the fuel pump with constant power from the battery it runs fine (apart from no rev counter) however we don't want to run it this way in case we come across problems...... So has anyone fitted a B18C4 to a civic EK3 and experienced any of these issues??   Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I am totally stumped lol.   Thanks all.
  12. How to remove the center air vent?

    yeah please, would be interesting to see what is involved in stripping it down.
  13. How to remove the center air vent?

      Thought as much, got a few cracking sounds when trying to pry it so i stopped. Might just leave that one, not sure if i can be bothered to strip the dash out to just paint up one vent?   Cheers
  14. Hi all, I am trying to remove the center air vent from the dash so i can colour code the interior.   Problem is i cant figure out how to get the little rat out? Can anyone shed some light on this for me please? Looks a little like this one.     Thanks