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  1. New member driving EF9 SiR

    Thanks man!
  2. New member driving EF9 SiR

    Thanks guys Aye oh I did have it going alright, but decided to give it a full overhaul as wasnt very reliable and want more power and better handling, so started it again from scratch lol. Will be finished soon enough though !
  3. New member driving EF9 SiR

    cheers man!
  4. Hey everyone, new here, drive a EF9 SiR, look forward to getting to know you all. Have a lot of experience with hondas over the years so hope to contribute as much as can aswel and learning more too (never ends). Currently building my K20 EF9 project, its kind of dragging out the last year or so due to time commitments elsewhere. But hope to have it up an running for June. Will post a few pictures in a separate thread. Cheers