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  1. help please

    4-1 is scrape city 4-2-1 manifold's are much better in every way
  2. Coventry Meet... 7th September!

    I'll bring the EF out when its finished. Can't wait to actually use the car to go places.. Will be good to have my car out with me rather than in a garage all the time. Look forward to next year
  3. What colour of wheels on Milano ep3?

    White all day
  4. Thanks! I will be insuring a swapped ec9 with a b16 engine running unmodified, no power adders atall Only real modifications are what will be holding the engine in the car and my fuel system, as my car was previously running carbs and I hate them with a passion Hope you can help me get insured with this setup.. Will be giving you a call in future for sure
  5. Wish there was somewhere to relocate radio to in an EF Would have a space for 3 guages then Nice write up!
  6. Paul Walker Died :(

    Just seen this on the news. Epic shame man. Another legend lost. Only walker can change up gears 10 times in a 5 speed car on a 1/4 mile F&F is done now :\ Inspired so many people around the world man
  7. Yep whiteline make a speedo and temp corrector built in 1 box. Few others around aswell. Think u can use any speedo corrector but not sure about the temp corrector. Might be the same for temps as is for speed but that's the basics of it anyway. Putting some 2k clocks in my mates ej8 soon so will get some pics of it while I'm there
  8. That's pretty much it mate. Just a case of finding what wires are for what. Then adjust the speed and temps and your away No probs dude. Knowledge is power
  9. Thanks mate. Would much rather get it all registered even if its a bit more expensive to insure
  10. Thanks mate, last question.. Imported engines? How does that work
  11. Then fill logbook aswell? Is car then all registered as modified? With engine swap on insurance and ready to go? Any need for vosa check?
  12. Just need a temp and speedo corrector Then just need to make it look nice as s2000 clocks leave a gap each side. Once they all in just set speedo to satnav speed and temp at normal spot when engine is warmed up. Wire in all the bulbs and done Or buy a harness that does it for you. Happy days
  13. How easy is it to get all declared? Does it raise Insurance by 1000's or 100's Vague question but just unsure on how it all works
  14. Is this right? And if so how is it fair?

    Its a bit more than just a bodykit on a ek9 Its an import Performance based model With a lsd and higher bhp, racing seats, tints from factory lots of extra jap goodies Much more sought after, and way more expensive to buy a b16b than any other b16 engine. As for insurance, they see an ek9 as a import sportscar. the fact its an import bumps your insurance up because if someone smashed into you and destroyed your car you would want another ek9 from japan or the replacement parts to put it rite
  15. Newbie from Sheffield

    welcome to CL   nice hatch!