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  1. suspension adjustment help.

    best off getting camber arms and toe arms to adjust the rear , to adjust coilovers loosen on the bottom collar then put spanner onto the middle collar to turn it up , spray some oil like wd40 a few days before u plan to adjust
  2. Bleeding EG abs pump / boiling brake fluid

    Brake fluid over time absorbs moisture witch lowers the boiling point , so being pushed hard on track will result in it boiling quick causing brake fade
  3. bit of wheel wobble

    be the uneven wear on the tyres that will cause that, it will be difficult to get alignment spot on with them tyres if u get the tracking done
  4. bit of wheel wobble

    Summed it up there already New wheels are out of balance get them rebalanced, or a wheel is slightly loose
  5. ek facelift to pre facelift

    Yh I thought the same when my mate said about it but his car, was just making sure wot was needed thanks for the help everyone
  6. ek facelift to pre facelift

    Thanks for the quick replys
  7. ek facelift to pre facelift

    sounds pretty straight forward swap then 
  8. ek facelift to pre facelift

    thanks and isit a straight swap 
  9. ek facelift to pre facelift

    just a quick question has anyone converted a facelift ek to prefacelift front end that is so wings bonnet bumper.   what i want to know is what is acutally needed in the conversion , if u have to cut and weld crash panel to get things to line up.   any help on this subject would be a appreciated, please no comments about just buy a prefacelift to start with.
  10. Type R locking issue

    That one is located in the driver's foot well
  11. Type R locking issue

    theres a little module behind the radio fascia inbetween drivers side. this controls the central locking it seems a very common problem on the 7th gen maybe ask some one   looks like that
  12. my project dc2 build

    thought i would update this not really done much apart from carbon bonnet, cambelt, rotas , plans in the new year are 282 brake upgrade just need discs and pads then can fit them and also rebush the car thinking off buying hardrace parts like rear toe arms, rear camber arms, lower arms but keep to honda trailing arm bushes. once this is all done going to focus on the h swapped one and get that running better and get it on the road  
  13. Could off damaged the door switch wen breaking in
  14. how to slip cambelt back onto cam gear? head swap

    could try it but need to adjust the tensioner
  15. how to slip cambelt back onto cam gear? head swap

    need to strip the covers off and crank pulley and make sure marks are in correct places no point messing around with timing