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  1. South mimms services to mimms

    Hey guys and girls,   I'll keep it short and sweet, I'm doing a convoy for those of us who want to go to mimms on the 17th of this month.   The plan is to meet at South mimms services and cruise up together. Here is the link for the event, feel free to bring and invite people but no idiots please!   https://www.facebook.com/events/794515310679922/   I hope to see some of you there   Adam
  2. The EP Type S with K20 lump - Any good?

    5 speed is good for turbo applications 
  3. hello from holland

    Sorry to hear about your friend
  4. hello from holland

    Looks like a good base. Please don't put that flame vinyl on it be paint it another colour if you don't want white. It looks great as it is!
  5. Once I had a similar thing loss of power which came back randomly but the car was stutter and jumpy. Idle air control valve was goosed... you can test it with an ommeter (voltages can be found on google it should read)   Probably something else but you never know...    You stick pins or something very thin into the iacv wires and touch the ommeter to them to read the voltage... you need to check it as is then fully open the throttle body via the little wheel on the throttle body with ignition on but car not running...   Good luck
  6. Stop confusing the poor guy, he's not going to need do any of that..
  7. Get an rbc before you map it. K100 if you don't plan to mess about with the map yourself, which I assume you won't be, kpro if you do want to mess about with it and don't mind paying the extra dough. Don't worry so much about the numbers.. Best place to have it tuned is Flperformance, based in sw London.. You can find him on Facebook.. The car will be quick providing you have a good engine especially as it's jdm yo Hope that clears everything up for you K100 has launch control if your mapper sets it up for you like mine does
  8. Loved mine on my ep3 last summer
  9. where for air in the uk

    Air lift company
  10. airbag resistor and seat belt light

    Why is that?
  11. BlackBerry Messenger

    That's lame, probaby won't bother then...
  12. Intake and exhaust. Do I need Kpro?

    You'll be fine even with a mani... As above really it's not a long term solution and the sooner you get it mapped the better
  13. BlackBerry Messenger

    Question, I used to have bbm... If I enter my old email address associated with my old bbm, will it download all my old contacts and conversations?
  14. ep3 what should I be paying (51-03)

    Above is a very good idea of what to look out for... They aren't fantastically quick standard, a nice na tune with all the bolt ons can make a very quick car if you know what parts to buy etc... Imo it's worth spending a bit more for a nice one with low mileage... Join Ctro forum there are plenty for sale on there owned by enthusiasts, good luck with your purchase
  15. South Mimms July '13 (New Photos)

    Thanks for the pic of mine, I like my dubious bucket seats, 7.5kg, comfy and supportive