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  1. Newbie from Norfolk!

    Cheers all! Haha Rob, I think I could of got quite a lot of rust for the money...Got to say, this little vtec light is a little too addictive
  2. Newbie from Norfolk!

    Evening y'all... Another newbie of a member, and completely new to Honda aswell! After three years of a lovely sensible car, decided to have a bit of a upgrade and got myself a 07 Civic Type R, don't actually pick it up till Tuesday but thought I'd get ahead, and hopefully I can find some nice hints and tips from you lot to help make it a little unique and keep it top notch I haven't got the best knowledge of cars, but theres a little there and hoping I can build on it a bit, get in some banter, and hopefully find some local meets around Norwich, if there is any??? And I'll be really disappointed if you lot start telling me I should of bought an EP3... Anyway... here she is