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  1. new guy in Wilts

    the rust pics cheers for having a look
  2. Anyone going Japfest?

    its only seven miles away so yes
  3. DC2 recaro's in EG6

    should have stole the seats out of my old EVO4 before i sold it hahahhahaa ill look into prices cheers guys
  4. new guy in Wilts

    that is seriously nice and clean thnaks guys i will send him a message and see what price he is looking at cheers
  5. THRLL car blog - post up just your builds

    the old EVO4 before i sold the monster http://thrll.com/car/1996-mitsubishi-lancer-12464 EG6 VTI http://thrll.com/car/1995-honda-civic-12722
  6. new guy in Wilts

    im not bothered about distance i more concerned with quality of work and a fair price and also time scale
  7. new guy in Wilts

    stance mobile i think i have done the power with the EVO and insurance is terrible over here so looking at about 200BHP and stance
  8. new guy in Wilts

    yes not 1 mod on her but that will change once i find ma self a job
  9. new guy in Wilts

    hi the names lee just moved from germany to chippenham area, sold the EVO in germany for insurance perposes as im 21 and currently have no job because of the move, so bought my self a solid complete standerd EG6 VTI in the way to the new house so a pics of the new motor as still trying to find my camra so just the one of the IPhone
  10. DC2 recaro's in EG6

    Ok thanks a lot for the info
  11. DC2 recaro's in EG6

    Read a post about this but can't find it again So do the DC2 recaro's rails line up with EG seat rails and are a straight swap no mod required? Also how much would it cost for a recover to purple?