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  1. oil

    What oil would people recommend for my b16a2?
  2. New from ashford kent

    do u have any c spanners?
  3. New from ashford kent

    not far from me then
  4. New from ashford kent

    the body works a bit of a mess. but its ok,
  5. New from ashford kent

    thanks guys. just gotta get the car sorted now
  6. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    Bought it
  7. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    yer and wont get my neighbours going mad at me
  8. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    im very tempted. got so much i wanna do to my car, only had it 3 weeks
  9. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    thanks i may have to purchase that on friday as its payday and may have sold my wheels. is that system loud do u know?
  10. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    i need a full system as my buddy looks like a full system so need to get a center section as well
  11. meister r coilovers

    ok then i shall try that at the weekend. thankyou
  12. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    yer i suppose so but fancy a spoon n1
  13. meister r coilovers

    they easy to do?
  14. Buddy club spec 2 exhaust

    no when i bought the car it came with no bung.
  15. meister r coilovers

    Im down in the southeast. so your probly a bit far away but thanks anyway.