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  1. 1.4 Vs 1.8

    I was just having a laugh mate, you complain too much
  2. 1.4 Vs 1.8

    Hi all, Quite new to this forum, so bare with me if I have asked silly questions. or posted in the wrong place Currently I have a 1.4 Petrol Grande Punto, which is underpowered, so much so it will turn the AirCon off to divert power to the engine. I have just been to a dealer and test drove a 1.8 SE Civic- very nice, very comftable, and I have to admit I am in love with a car again I am however tempted by the 1.4 - which actually has better fuel consumption (listed) then my Grande (listed), I asked the dealer is there much difference, and unfortunatly I got the "I want you to spend more money with me so the dearest car is the best" answer. I am wondering if I could have some help with this then, I don't want to go down the route of having an underpowered car, to help you with your answer this is my general driving My daily commute is 20 miles (one way) along a very fast dual carragage (average speed is 70 if you get what I mean ). Your thoughts and experiences would be really helpful
  3. New here!

    That's a sick ride playa