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  1. ajk added a post in a topic JDMTom's Endless Horizon Motorsport Photos   

    I look like i'm about to poo haa
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  2. ajk added a post in a topic Endless Horizon Motorsport Honda Day 2012 @ Ace Cafe   

    Haha, you captured us crying at the smashed oil sump the DA had
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  3. ajk added a post in a topic Honda European Meet #3 (france) - 18th to 19th of August, 2012   

    I'll be coming with Josh or in my DC2 if it's up to the challenge should be an epic weekend
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  4. ajk added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi, :)
    Hi, I'm Andy.

    I brought a Dc2 type R last weekend with the sale of my old mx5.

    So here she is:

    DSC_0210 by AndrewsizzleKing, on Flickr

    89,xxx miles on clock - good service history
    Tiny patch of rust on one arch other than that the shell is mint
    interior is so tidy its unreal
    Stage 2 CC carbon Kevlar clutch and lightend flyweel
    JDM mani & exhaust system (have a magnaflow to be fitted )
    eibach pro kit springs which ride loveeeely.
    leads plugs etc uprated.

    Although it needs new stem seals

    But still very happy with it and well and truly in love
    Otherwise know as Fappy due to the reg plate.

    This is my old MX5:

    I don't intend to "stance" the DC2 bored of having a low car!

    Plans so far are to have the B18c6 rebuilt to make it perfect Inc uprated valve springs, port polish, skimmed ETC ETC

    Basically i want to make the engine perfect before making it pretty!

    If anyone could help my with a guide of how to fit wind defectors to a dc2 i'd be grateful because i have NO idea where to start haha.

    Hi once again
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