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  1. It gose to 9200 on the dial and crossover is at 5800 dose that sound right
  2. Ideal so the best thing to do is get a c6 inlet and type r cams but will type r cams be ok in my b16a2 without killing the engine Thanks guys Oh and captain-sl0w mine 100% dose rev to 9k
  3. But mine revs to 9krpm mate so over 8200 and if I got the cams would I need to do the valves aswell
  4. Really how come sorry im abit new to the b series
  5. Standard intake manifold 4-1 stainless mani fold full 2.5 exhaust system ek9 ecu and holofully getting a long arm aem or whales cock very soon
  6. Hi guys im looking at getting a skunk2 alpha tb and befor buying one id like to no if theres any pros or cons and what gains will I get if I put one on my b16a2 Any comments would be great Thanks baige
  7. found a set of purple lcas for a eg and just wanted to now if they will fit my ukdm integra dc2
  8. right I had a civic eg vei d15z1 and I decided to put a d16z6 in it so the z6 is a 1994 lump with the p28 ecu but when I went to put the z6 in the engine loom was very worst for wear so I used my z1 loom with the z6 engine and p28 ecu and it will turn over but just won't fire its not getting spark I've checked all the earths and plugs can anyone please help I'm proper stuck HELP!!!!!!!!
  9. newbie from cornwall

    Haha porker you no it and your not a million miles away then pal
  10. newbie from cornwall

    I'm from redruth mate what about your self and nor am I it's only a replacement as the old bonnet was screwed its going black this week
  11. newbie from cornwall

    Hey I'm Matt I'm from cornwall I've always been into my Honda's but I just bought my 4th eg and I'm building it up for standard and got told to join here So here I am and this is my eg hatch (so far) Cheers look forward to talk you some of you lot